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Over the 17 years I have been a practicing Chiropractor, I have had the honor of treating a lot of difficult cases that are affecting a lot of normal people. I can say from observational experience that when you have pain and you consult a healthcare provider for the reasons why, many of you are not getting a satisfactory or helpful explanation. I firmly believe that all health care providers (M.D.’s, Orthopedists, Physical therapists, Chiropractic, massage, etc.) have an important place in health. We need specific types of expertise for life threatening illnesses, broken bones, serious infections and other problems.

Most of you have been trained by our western medicine to seek out the opinion of the traditional allopathic or Medical type practitioner. They tend to focus on the symptoms or pain the patient you are feeling. Of course addressing your immediate pain is important but that is only part of the problem. What about the cause?

In the United States, our health care system really should be referred to as “Sick Care” not “Health Care”. We have been trained to only go to the Doctor when we are sick. Once our pain goes away, we are considered to be “fine”. How many times have you heard “just rest for 3-4 weeks and the pain should be gone”. I have found that only looking at the painful area can detract and mislead you from the actual cause. Often treatments focused right on the area of pain bring mild improvement only up to a point and miss the big picture of what is actually causing it.

In my world, I see patients who have come from all other types of health care providers. Many of them report either some or little relief from these types of treatments. Why is that? I know for a fact that Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Massage therapists, Acupuncturists, etc. are very helpful. So why some patients indicate a lack of success with those treatments? It has a lot to do with the alignment of the bones of the body. I am not just talking about the spine. Alignment of the bones from the feet and ankles all the way up to your neck are crucial to having healthy movement and biomechanics. In fact, exercise and many normal activities will be difficult when your bones are not in proper alignment.

Whether you are 55 years old and have been told that arthritis is causing your pain, or you are only 9 years old and you have been told you have growing pains, I see a lot of misunderstanding, confusion, frustration and desperation from many of you. You need a solid explanation of what is going on with your ailments and why they are there. This way, it makes more sense and instead of playing defense or “catch up”, you can go on the offensive and take measures to fight back and feel better.

The average Chiropractor down the street is trained to treat your spine. In fact, that is what most of you know us for. “Chiropractors are good back and neck doctors”. I hear it all the time. After 17 years in practice, I am very skilled at treating the spine. But I realized early on in practice that a large amount of pain in the body, especially along the spine, is actually caused by your extremities.

Extremities are your feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and hands. When the extremities are a problem, they create patterns of pain in the body that I look for. This is what makes me different! I love this part of my practice because I get a lot of interesting conditions that people seek me out for that you would not think of a Chiropractor treating.

Have you ever had or know someone who has had the following:

  • headaches (migraines, tension, etc.)
  • plantar fascicits
  • heel spurs
  • bunions/corns/callouses
  • arch support problems/collapsed arches
  • shin splints
  • Achilles’ tendonitis
  • ACL tears or replacement
  • knee arthritis, replacement or meniscus problems
  • osgood schlatter
  • ITB (ilitobial band) pain
  • shoulder pain
  • elbow pain
  • wrist/hand pain

After treating hundreds of patients through the years, I have become very skilled at picking these pain patterns out. There may be some cases where your pain may come just from the spine. Disc bulges/herniations, arthritis, injuries and other things can create specific pain in your spine and neck. However, more often than not, the extremities are creating the problems and I know how to look for this and help you identify it. If we don’t help your extremities, often your spine will not improve. Your adjustments won’t hold and you will continue to get frustrated.

I have developed specialties in the extremities of the body, primarily the feet and shoulders, because there are so many of you out there in so much pain. You may have already tried getting help and have seen many types of health care providers and used all sorts of medication, exercise, or braces and supports. If you are still in at least some measure of pain, then we should be talking. Pain, which often comes from muscles and soft tissue, is always an indicator of what the bones and joints are doing. This goes right back to your alignment. If the joints are not aligned properly, pain can and often will follow somewhere in the body.

If you are looking for answers to your health questions and want to get to the cause of your problem, I would love to listen and help you.

Dr. Kevin M. Wong, D.C., Orinda Chiropractic Center

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