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We are very proud to announce the arrival of our new Lipo (Fat) Laser in Orinda CA! As you know, I always like to stay on the forefront of new health technologies. Almost 4 years ago, we got our Cutting Edge Therapy Laser and many of you have benefited from it. Our experience with that laser that allowed me to find and evaluate this new machine. I hope you (or your spouse) will be as excited about this as we are.

This is our press release:


There’s an intelligent alternative to Surgical Liposuction now available in the San Franciso Bay Area. The Clinic is called the Orinda i-Lipo Laser center and it utilizes the Chromogenix, i-Lipo Therapeutic Laser. i-Lipo has become the Gold Standard in body shaping and fat reduction in Europe over the last four years. i-Lipo is a non-invasive, pain free, drug free body sculpting and fat reduction system that targets stubborn fat areas and provides immediate, and long lasting measurable results. Scientifically proven and FDA approved, i-Lipo gets rid of stubborn fatty areas that won’t go away in the gym or through diets, it is an easy, safe and comfortable way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no downtime.


The i-Lipo laser, focuses a specific energy into the fat layer which stimulates the cells to 1) convert their stored triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. 2) Open pores in the fat cell’s outer membrane which allows these smaller molecules to leak out into the adjacent tissue. The fat cells then lose their round shape and collapse, much like a grape changing into a raisin. The released contents are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and then transported around the body to be burned as energy.

The i-Lipo laser creates the same, natural, metabolic process as the brain does when the body needs energy by converting and releasing the fat cells contents, but controls the triggering mechanism and can be targeted to a specific problem area almost anywhere on the body. Light Cardio exercise post treatment accelerates the metabolism of released fatty acids and glycerol and increases inch loss.


The i-Lipo system has many advantages over other invasive and noninvasive fat reduction systems. Ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment. Compared to surgical Liposuction, i-Lipo is much more affordable with similar results. It is painless and completely safe and can be used on men and women, all skin types and on any body areas where fatty deposits under the skin are a problem.

You can return to normal activity immediately after each treatment. A 2-4 cm loss in abdomen circumference can be achieved with every treatment. A course of 8 treatments is recommended over 4 weeks with 2 treatments per week. Fat under the chin, upper arms, abdomen, hips or thighs can be broken down and removed.This is a big advantage over diet and exercise alone which can reduce overall body fat but not target individual areas.

i-Lipo is available at the Orinda i-Lipo Laser Center located inside Orinda Chiropractic in downtown Orinda.

If you or someone you know is interested in our Lipo laser, then call us at (925) 254-4040. Not only can we give you a no cost consultation, but tell you about special patient pricing that will be available for a short while as we introduce this technology.

Our laser website, orindailipo.com, will have a lot of information for you including videos of how it works and other information.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope you find this fascinating. This is going to help a lot of people. Will you be one of them?

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