Saatva was founded in 2010 to be a different kind of mattress company. Their mattresses and products blend hand crafted luxury, eco-friendly materials and superior construction with a price unmatched by competitors.

Qualities of all Saatva mattresses:

  • Premium quality without traditional retail markups.
  • Made to order and take 2-3 weeks to arrive in your home.
  • Sustainability and use of natural products.

Saatva’s 4 pillars of customer satisfaction are:

  • White glove delivery and set up your new mattress with free removal of the old mattress.
  • 24 hours per day, 7 days per week customer service
  • 365 night home trial
  • Lifetime warranty on the mattress (replace < 2 years; repair >2 years)

Saatva has many models and styles of beds to choose from. Click here for the hyperlink to the Saatva website and you can look at all of their models.

Dr. Kevin can discuss the top 4 health care specific models he recommends to his patients. (Dr. Kevin and his wife, Dr. Isabel, have a Saatva Classic Queen with an adjustable base).

Dr. Kevin has a professional partnership with Saatva to not only provide you with an incredible bed, but he can stack his $50 discount on top of any of the current discounts or sales Saatva is currently offering on their website or in one of their viewing rooms.

Saatva mattresses are made in one of 19 factories in the United States of America and then delivered to your home.

Dr. Kevin’s Saatva flyer describing the 4 most popular health care mattresses is below. At the end, there is a QR code to get your $50 discount. This QR code informs the Saatva associate that you are affiliated with our Orinda Chiropractic Center and they will take great care of you.