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You probably remember the volleyball player in the Olympics that wore the tape on her shoulder and it helped her support her shoulder and play really well. This type of sport or “performance enhancing taping” has been taken to another level with a product called “Rock Tape”.

The old Kinesiotape you have heard about has been around for over 30 years and it was a good enough product. Rock Tape improves upon this old model and Dr. Kevin can explain all this to you.

Dr. Kevin is not only a Certified Rock Tape Doctor, or “Rock Doc”, but he is also an instructor in this taping method. Using this kind of tape can not only help support the joints of your body (like shoulders, knees, ankles, elbows, etc.) but can help posture as well.

For you athletes, Rock Tape can help enhance your performance. If you engage in sports like tennis, football, baseball, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, running, walking and many others, the Dr. Kevin can apply the sports tape in such a way so that you can perform your sport better.

This usually involves helping fine tune your body mechanics so your movements in your sport are more fluid, efficient and less stress on your body. Usually this transmits to faster times, reduced pain and better performance.

Dr. Kevin is more equipped than ever now to help you achieve your performance goals. Not only can his Chiropractic treatments help keep you in alignment and keep your nerves and muscles feeling great, but the addition of the RockTape can help your body perform to its’ potential.

Call Dr. Kevin and find out how his treatments and “RockTape” can help you