If you struggle with jaw pain, popping sounds, and grating sensations in your jaw when you try to eat, yawn or talk-or your jaw locks shut occasionally, you probably have TMJ in Orinda CA. The acronym actually stands for “temporomandibular joint”, which is something everybody has: the joint where your lower jaw connects to your skull. Our Orinda chiropractor has a lot of success helping people get natural pain relief from injuries and disorders to this important facial hinge point.


TMJ pain management is one of the most frequently requested Orinda wellness care treatments we provide. This is because Dr. Wong actually treats the underlying causes of these disorders instead of just providing patch care for the symptoms. The most common causes of jaw disorders are:

  • Stress-Some people clench their teeth unwittingly when they are stressed out. Even worse, some grind their teeth in their sleep. These activities put undue stress on the temporomandibular joint, which causes inflammation and jaw pain.
  • Injury-Head, face and neck injuries like whiplash can pull this joint out of alignment, causing pain in the jaw, neck, face and head.
  • Poor postural alignment-Slouching, hunching, sleeping in awkward positions on bad pillows or mattresses, etc. can lead to misalignments in the spine and in the temporomandibular joint.

Lasting, effective pain management depends on treating these underlying reasons behind the pain. Our Orinda chiropractor uses several techniques that successfully provide pain relief for jaw disorders. Chiropractic care is incredibly effective because it can address jaw-pain-causing injuries like whiplash as well as poor posture problems. By realigning the vertebrae and correcting any jaw alignment problems, we can remove stress from the joint. Our physiotherapy techniques help reduce painful soft tissue inflammation and stimulate natural healing and pain relief without drugs or surgery. Dr. Wong can also teach you therapeutic exercises to address any muscle weaknesses or imbalances so that the pain does not return. Our comprehensive Orinda wellness care approach addresses all angles of TMJ!

If you struggle with temporomandibular joint disorders, what techniques have you found helpful?

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