Activator adjusting Instrument allow an excellent, specific adjustment to be performed utilizing light, comfortable force. Patients often request to be adjusted with this instrument and Dr. Kevin uses it often. Here are a couple of examples:



The latest news in our office is the upgrade of Dr. Kevin’s old Impulse Adjusting device to the new “Impulse IQ”. This adjusting instrument is borne out of years of research on effective and comfortable ways of specifically moving the bones of the spine and extremities.

Here are some of the benefits patients experience using the Multi Radiance Impulse IQ:

  • Non-Invasive
  • Safe and Side Effects Free
  • Treats Wide Range of Conditions
  • No anesthetics required
  • Relieves Pain and Stiffness
  • Proven Results
  • Restored mobility and quality of life
  • Often makes surgical interventions unnecessary
  • Enables patients to get to therapeutic exercise faster

Whether the patient is an infant or in their elder years, the Impulse IQ can help with a variety of conditions and ailments. It is very comfortable and allows the patient who is particularly hesitant or resistant to traditional manual adjusting to benefit from Chiropractic.

Here is a video that might explain why this technology is so fantastic:


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Many patients call our office and say they do not want to be manually adjusted or adjusted by hand. This is never a problem as there are many patients who get adjusted “light force” using the gentle drop table or a spring-loaded instrument like the “Activator” or an “Impulse Adjusting Instrument”. Dr. Kevin understands how to use these tools and is more than happy to utilize them for patients who need lighter adjustment techniques.

The Activator V is revolutionary, not evolutionary. It is the first cordless adjusting instrument. This is a completely new product than the previous Activator Instruments.

Ask Dr. Kevin if the Impulse IQ or Activator V would be effective for you!