Nobody has time for the pain of headaches and migraines in Orinda CA yet for some, they always seem to be interrupting life. If you rely on painkillers for headache relief, you probably know the frustration of seeing the pain come back again and again. How about a headache treatment that helps with migraine headaches, cluster headaches and tension headache pain in a natural way? Chiropractic care can help!


For real headache relief, you need a headache treatment that is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Painkillers only mask the problem temporarily without getting to the core issue behind the pain. This is particularly true for people struggling with migraine headaches and dreaded cluster headaches. The pain is excruciating. And even tension headache instigators are very individual and require individual treatment methods.

Chiropractic care provides real headache relief by going to the underlying problems: usually a spinal subluxation (misalignment in the vertebrae). When vertebrae are not correctly aligned, as can happen with anyone through poor posture habits or an injury like a car accident or slipping on a wet floor, etc., nerves get pinched. Nerves located in the neck are especially sensitive and when they are pinched, often manifesting as different types of headaches.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments are a gentle, precise way to relieve these pinched nerves. Often, when these nerves are released, patients notice a welcome drop in the severity and frequency of their headache episodes.

Chiropractic care here at Orinda Chiropractic Center goes even deeper in providing headache relief. Besides pinched nerves, stress, muscular strains in the neck and biochemical imbalances can also be triggers of a nagging headache. In addition to spinal adjustments, we support healthy posture, healthy nervous system function, stress relief and biochemical balancing through massage therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic exercises, nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice! We attack headaches from every angle.

How do you currently battle your headaches?

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