During the winter season, our office gets calls weekly from patients who have a cold or even the flu. Why are they calling? To re-schedule or cancel their appointment with me because they think that if they are sick in Orinda CA, they should not be coming in.


Now, I know that many of the patients are calling out of consideration for others they might come in contact with. They don’t want to get my staff, the other patients or myself sick. As much as I appreciate this, there is some educating that must be done here.

Many of us have grown up in a traditional medical system. When you are sick, you go to the Doctor and they check you out. Now in most cases, you are told you have a cold or a flu. You go to CVS and buy some cough syrup or other type of over the counter remedy. If you are really bad off or you have some kind of infection, you get prescription medicines that range from really strong cough syrups to antibiotics.

Most have us have grown up believing that being sick is just something that everyone goes through and you just need to deal with it. Time will take away the cold or the flu.

For the last 15 years of practice, I have had the pleasure of treating patients while they are sick and have seen the results of giving people Chiropractic adjustments to help them get over their sickness faster? In fact, catching you all when you first start to sniffle or feel that soreness in your throat is the best time to get to the office to see me.


So you ask, Why on earth would coming down and getting adjusted help me get over my cold faster? I don’t get it. Neither does most of Western medicine. So let me explain it so it makes sense. Have you ever notice what your body feels like when you are getting or feeling sick? Your whole body tightens up. Parts of you feel sore. Your head and chest can get stuffy. Your nose can start to run and you generally feel like crud.

Your brain gives rise to the spinal cord and nerves. These nerves control every function we have in our body. When we are sick, the bodies vital systems are not working as well. Your muscles tighten up your body goes into fight mode to help you get better. The highest concentration of nerves passing through the spine and going to the rest of your body come through your upper neck.

The upper neck is the key to making sure your body systems are operating correctly.

When I use my hands or the hand held activator device to gently adjust your neck bones, we can improve your blood circulation, your immune system and your lymph node drainage system.Once the bones are moved back, muscles in the neck will relax more and stiffness improves. I have seen some patient’s sinuses clear up by the time they sit up again.

More importantly, getting adjusted is a natural alternative to taking the medication. Once the patients understand how powerful the adjustment can be, they know why it is VITAL for them to come down and see me for a treatment.

By the way, we protect our healthy patients and ourselves from people who come in feeling sick. First, we try to get our infirm patients quickly whisked away into a treatment room. Then when treatment is over, we clean and sterilize the tables for the next patient.

So the next time you are sick, please make that choice to get down to see me or your Chiropractor and let them fix those neck bones for you. It is amazing how much faster you will get better.
Take that leap of faith to Chiropractic care. Thank you for reading!

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