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A Chiropractor is someone who has been trained to examine and evaluate a patient's spine and extremities (i.e. feet, ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands). This licensed Doctor of Chiropractic understands that when bones are out of their normal position (alignment), muscle tightness, radiating and/or localized pain, discomfort and reductions in quality of life can occur.

The Chiropractor uses their hands and other helpful instruments to gently re-align these bones. When the bones are back in a healthy position, joints and muscles can work much better. Your body is an amazing organism and it can heal itself if we can get your alignment right.

Dr. Kevin has been in practice for 27 years performing Chiropractic adjustments on the extremities and the spine.

Quite simply put, Chiropractic is "the practice of using the hands". All Chiropractors are trained with how to use our hands to analyze the bones of the spine and the rest of the body. We can tell when bones are not lined up correctly so we use our hands to gently align or shift them back to a better position.

Once your ailment or health condition is identified as something the Chiropractor can help you with, then they will initiate a treatment plan. Depending on the severity of the condition, a series of treatments will be suggested. Treatments involve the use of the Chiropractor's hands or other instruments to help move the bones back into better alignment. We call these treatments that move the vertebrae and bones, adjustments.

Dr. Kevin has been a Chiropractor for 27 years now. He has taught and taken numerous seminars and has been exposed to many types of techniques and tools for practice. This allows him to treat a multitude of conditions from flat feet and foot/ankle pain all the way to neck pain and headaches. Anywhere in the body where there is a joint, Dr. Kevin can evaluate and treat it. In children and adults, Chiropractic enhances people's function and their lives.

Chiropractors are absolutely Doctors. We must complete our Basic Health Science requirements in a 4-year undergraduate institution. Private Chiropractic college then adds another 4 academic years of study to earn the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree. Chiropractors are considered Doctors and are Board Certified and licensed to practice in their respective states. In many cases, there are continuing education opportunities so that Chiropractors can maintain and enhance their skills.

Dr. Kevin left Miramonte High School in Orinda in 1989 and went to the University of California, Davis. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1993 and went straight on to Palmer College of Chiropractic West, in San Jose. Dr. Kevin was the Valedictorian of his Chiropractic graduating class in 1996.

Not only has he been practicing continuously since he left school, but Dr. Kevin also teaches continuing education seminars for Chiropractors throughout the year. He teaches about 130 hours per year. He travels the United States and Internationally teaching Chiropractors and Chiropractic students for re-licensure credits.

Chiropractic care itself started in 1895 when the first Chiropractor, D.D. Palmer, delivered the first recorded adjustment on a janitor who worked in his office building. Some of Chiropractic's roots can be traced back to the field of Osteopathy, where some of the basic bone moving techniques have some similarities. Chiropractic's form of aligning bones, adjustments, have evolved on their own through the years.

Chiropractic has come more to the forefront of Medicine because it is natural health care that does not rely on drugs or surgery. Chiropractic evaluation and treatment also gets to the actual "cause" of the problem, instead of covering up symptoms. Chiropractic offers faster, longer lasting results for musculoskeletal conditions than traditional western medicine and it ends up costing the patient less over time.

Chiropractic has been working well since 1895 when the first adjustment was performed on a patient.

Every patient has their own reason(s) for choosing a Chiropractor to trust with their health and care. I have been fortunate to have many patients come to me through referrals of current patients, friends and other health care professionals. I also get a lot of referrals from YELP and Google. Here are the reasons why they choose my office:

  1. "You have a Great Reputation" The year 2024 begins my 28th year in Chiropractic. I have had a full time practice during this time and have also been teaching continuing education classes to other Chiropractors in the United States and Internationally. I teach 130 hours of classes per year.I have a standard of excellence for my work with all of my patients that filters through other aspects of my life. My job is to offer my patients an exceptional experience, educate them so they understand their ailments and take control of their health. My teaching keeps me on top of what is current in Chiropractic.
  2. "You have 5 Star Social Media Ratings": My reviews on YELP, Google, Facebook and Yahoo have been earned through years of hard work. I take my job as your Chiropractor very seriously and to that end I am always out to make sure you are getting the care you deserve. This involved treating you with respect like you are part of my family. I will pour all of my knowledge out for you and make sure I am not wasting your time. You deserve the best and that is what I will work towards with you.
  3. "You are a Foot and Shoulder Specialist" I have been treating the extremities of the body now for over 27 years. I went in to these specialties because I knew patients were frustrated with not getting the answers and solutions they needed for pain in these areas. The feet affect the knees, hips, pelvis and lower back stability. The shoulders affect the neck and upper back stability. So many patients need help with these areas and I have plenty to teach them.
  4. "It is so convenient": I pride myself on being on time as I do not like making my patients wait. My staff is ready to work with you to find appointment times that work for your busy schedule. Being customer oriented is part of our job.
  5. "You UseCold Laser Treatments". I have been using cold laser in my practice since 2009. I was one of the first in California to use this modality. It has helped so many patients naturally. Cold laser utilizes infrared light at multiple frequencies to help with pain relief, blood circulation, inflammation, swelling, edema, muscle spasms, scar tissue reduction. It is a painless treatment with no negative side effects. It is very popular now and I know how to use cold laser to help you if it is appropriatet. We just need to sit down and talk it through. Most people are great candidates.
  6. "You treat a multitude of conditions': During a normal day, I will treat patients of all age ranges with pain in the foot/ankle, knee pain, hip/pelvis pain, lower back, mid to upper back, neck, ribs, shoulders/arm, elbows, wrists/hands, headaches, jaw pain. Having the confidence and skill to treat every joint in the body has come through years of practice and hard work. This ensures I can help a lot of patients with all sorts of ailments.
  7. "Your adjustments are comfortable". I have learned many techniques on how to comfortably treat people through the years. I can utilize traditional Chiropractic hands on adjusting or use specialized tools that deliver a more gentle adjustment. Once I talk to the patient and we analyze their body, we determine which methods are the best ones to use for them.  We try and make sure our patients love getting adjusted and coming to the Chiropractor when they need to.

Here are some of the most common ailments that walk in to my office:

  • Lower back pain
  • Mid back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Neuromas of the feet
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Achilles Tendon issues/tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Osgood Schlatter
  • Patellar (knee cap) tracking issues or arthritis
  • Knee Meniscus/ACL/PCL/collateral ligament damage
  • Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome
  • Hip pain
  • Sciatica/Piriformis syndrome
  • Disc injuries
  • Rib pain
  • Shoulder/Rotator cuff issues
  • Elbow pain/tendonitis/tennis elbow/golfer's elbow
  • Wrist/hand pain
  • Headaches

Chiropractic is not only safe during pregnancy, it is an incredibly important treatment for help pregnant women be more comfortable during the 9 months. As the baby grows inside of Mom's tummy, their weight increases. The larger the baby gets, the more stress and weight drags down on the feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and the spine. Chiropractic care will help keep Mom in better alignment, reducing muscle spasms, stress on the joints and soft tissues and reduce her pain. Certain modifications are made to the therapy and adjusting techniques used to ensure safety for both Mom and baby. Chiropractic care also helps ease the stress of the 3rd trimester, delivery and recovery once the baby is born.

Dr. Kevin has cared for and adjusted many pregnant women over the years. His own wife, Isabel, was treated regularly by Dr. Kevin during the pregnancies of both of their children.

Chiropractic is safe, effective very appropriate for people of all ages. This includes newborns and the elderly. It especially includes children. Children run, fall, jump and do all kinds of physical activities. Their bones and joints go out of alignment just like those of an adult. The difference? Children usually take less time to heal with Chiropractic than adults do.

Dr. Kevin has been treating children since he began practicing in 1997. He treats them on a daily basis. He also continues to treat his own children.

No. We will usually begin with conservative care and 90% of the time, x-rays are not necessary. After a period of time has passed during your healing process and you are not making the types of improvements Dr. Kevin feels you should, then we can discuss x-rays or special imaging then.

For a few of you, your condition may call for an immediate referral for x-rays but Dr. Kevin will discuss that at the time of your visit.If you happen to have x-rays or MRI's taken within the 2 years, then bring them in and Dr. Kevin would like to look at them.

You can expect to spend approximately 45 minutes in our office on your first visit. We usually ask that you come 15 minutes before your appointment time so that you can fill out paperwork that will establish you as a patient.

You will definitely be adjusted during your first office visit. No matter whether your pain or discomfort began this morning or if it has been present for months, time is always critical. The sooner we begin treatment, the quicker the body usually heals.

I am a health care provider for many insurances (PPO's, HMO's). You can call our office and speak with Venus or Traci and they will take down your insurance information and call your insurance company for you to check your Chiropractic eligibility.

Your other option is to either call or go online to your own health insurance company and look Dr. Kevin M. Wong up as a provider.

I am a health care provider for many insurances (PPO's, HMO's). You can call our office and speak with my staff and they will take down your insurance information and call your insurance company for you to check your Chiropractic eligibility.

Patients that come into our office are usually in some kind of pain that they need me to help them with. In the early stages, perhaps the first few visits, I lead you through the treatment plan and offer you a lot of advice and help. My goal is to get you to a level where you feel "normal" again or often times even better than "normal". Some times, I treat patients only a few times or sometimes it takes longer. Each case is individual and you and I together will discuss and determine how much treatment you will need.

Once we are done with care and you are feeling better, I will make sure we review your home care and exercises and it becomes your choice on how you wish to see me in the future. Some patients elect to come in and be seen once every two weeks, monthly or once per year. They know that life will put stress on their bodies that put their spines and other joints out of alignment. Periodic adjustments are helpful, but I never make people have to come back unless they choose to. You will learn why it is important to come in for periodic tune-ups just like going to the Dentist or the Medical Doctor.

Absolutely! Chiropractic care is one of the safest, most effective treatment techniques for managing chronic pain, correcting spinal problems, and supporting the body's natural injury rehabilitation process. Our approach to care is gentle and hands-on. Many patients come to us seeking an alternative to prescription painkillers and surgery. If you are searching for an all-natural, non-invasive and drug-free approach to pain relief, chiropractic care may be the right choice for you!

I see patients who are from all walks of life. Some have had Chiropractic care for years and some have never been adjusted. All of my techniques, even the classic manual adjusting, are gentle and comfortable, but some techniques are more gentle. You might need adjustments which utilize light or very light force. No problem! Chiropractic works and I know how to make it work for you. Don't be scared or afraid! I just want to help you.

Our chiropractic center follows a drug-free approach to neck and back pain treatment. Dr. Wong first prefers a full injury diagnosis to determine the cause for your shoulder back or neck pain. Most patients have pain is due to a misalignment of the bones (vertebrae) of the neck, upper back or shoulders. These bones have lost their normal movement or biomechanical stability so they created pulled muscles, irritated nerves and pain.

It is true that a herniated disc, arthrtitis (degeneration), or other issues can be causing the pain, but they are not as common as you would think. It is our job to figure out exactly the cause of your pain so we can help you. Once we determine the cause of your pain, we will create a customized treatment program that relieves this pain by correcting the underlying cause. Our goal is to support your body's health from the inside out.

I love treating sports injuries because they usually involve the extremities of the body. I see a ton of shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, foot, hip pain because of almost any type of physical activity. Every sport has stress not only on the extremities but on the spine as well. I get a chance to examine you, understand the mechanics of your sport and help you learn why you are experiencing pain and how you can help take good care of yourself in the future.

We treat sports injuries using a combination of chiropractic care and physiotherapy depending on the severity of your injury. I do a lot of sports taping using the best tape out there, RockTape. I tape all areas of the body to help bring stability, enhance performance and healing. You will love the tape and I will show you how to use it to help yourself in the future.

Since 2009, I have been using cold laser on patients to help them heal faster. The laser uses infrared light in the visible light spectrum. The light penetrates the skin and helps to improve circulation, releases endorphins (natural pain killers), relaxes muscle spasms, reduces swelling and inflammation among other good things.

Along with Chiropractic care, laser has shown to help with sprains, strains, arthritis, tendonitis, capsulitis, partial tears of the rotator cuff or other ligaments in the body. The action of the laser helps tissue heal faster, even scar tissue after you have had surgery.

For more information, click the link to my web page on the laser: Click Here

For over 26 years, Dr. Wong has dedicated his practice to the highest standards of excellence and patient care. Since his 2008 nomination by KRON4's Best of the Bay, he has been known as one of the "Best Chiropractors in the Bay Area.

Chiropractors have been lumped into treating the neck and back in the United States by the general public. Although Dr. Kevin treats these areas well, he is a specialist in the feet, ankles, shoulders and other extremities of the body. Most of his patient referrals are for patients with feet and shoulder problems. Did you know your lower back pain can actually becoming from your flat feet? Dr. Kevin does and he will help you understand why.

Chiropractic care can also help treat patients with sciatica, lordosis, sway back, scoliosis, kyphosis (hunchback), chronic pain, auto accident injuries, whiplash, workplace injuries, and sports injuries.

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