When you think of a check-up in Orinda CA, quite a few examples come to mind. You might think of your routine car maintenance; your visits to the dentist or your annual physical with your medical doctor. In some cases, routine maintenance or check ups are deeply ingrained in your thinking so that they become automatic. These are just things you do because you know there is a consequence, perhaps serious, if you don’t proactively make sure they are done.

For example: not getting your car’s oil changed regularly will result in some pretty expensive damage to the engine. Not getting your teeth cleaned regularly by the dental hygienist can result in tooth decay and cavities.


People understand this general idea, but here comes the paradox: We have been raised in a traditional, western medical society where we don’t go in to the doctor unless you have PAIN! In fact, this is how I meet almost all of my patients. They have some sort of pain or ailment that they need me to help them with. This “Pain mentality” thinking has been taken a step further in many of my patients as they have been ignoring or minimizing their pain for weeks to months and in some cases, years. After we have completed our treatment and have them feeling better than they were when they first came in, my job is not over. Aside from teaching you exercises and home care, I need to prepare you for the future when you may have another episode of pain.

Since traditionally, people tend to call upon the doctor only when their pain exceeds their ability to tolerate it, the concept of “Preventative or Wellness Health Care” can be very foreign. This is where the Chiropractor comes in to the picture. I already have a baseline understanding of what your body (bones, muscles, soft tissue) is supposed to feel like. We had to determine your pattern in the very beginning of care in order to know how to help you heal and feel better. Once you feel great again, the focus then falls on helping to keep you this way.

Your spinal or Chiropractic check ups then become your weapon of defense against any type of pain or problem sneaking up on you and taking you by surprise. I would love to help you avoid having another interesting story to tell me about how your latest pain developed. My goal is to help you pay just a little more attention to yourself. That’s right…..you! Not your kids, your spouse, your Mom or Dad or anyone else. Preventative health care is always proactive on the part of the patient. You have to believe that it is helpful or you will never want to do it.

I am sure it would not surprise you that many people do not go for regular check ups to any of their health care providers. There are various reasons, some having to do with money or affordability. I certainly understand how expensive health care is for people, myself included. But it all comes down to this: No one is going to take as good a care of yourself as you will. In the end, it is your actions in the area of diet, exercise and getting regular adjustments in my office that help determine how good you will feel.

Do I believe all of my patients should be scheduling regular Chiropractic check up appointments after we are done with pain care? Absolutely! Will I ever push this or force my patients to do this? Absolutely not! In the end, I am happy to be here for you in whatever capacity you need me to be. Some patients I see every 2 weeks and some I see annually. Understand this, I love being here to help you feel better and if I can impart some more understanding on how to take better care of yourself for the future years, we will be sure to discuss it.

I end with posing my question one last time: Chiropractic Check ups: Are They Really Necessary? Only you can answer this. I sure hope the answer is yes. Take the power of your health into your own hands. Steer your own ship. It’s amazing how much you will learn about yourself and how much better you can feel.

Thank you for reading and be well!
Dr. Kevin M. Wong, D.C.

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