A pair of aching feet in Orinda CA may make it painfully obvious to you that you have “flat feet” or a related foot problem – but what about that nagging back pain or shoulder pain? Believe it or not, your feet could be causing those problems too. Fortunately, relief is readily available here at Orinda Chiropractic Center.

The foot is a genuinely remarkable structure. It has more articulated joints than any other part of the body, yet it can support the entire weight of an adult to permit stable standing, walking, running and jumping. The secret to the foot’s shock-absorbing power lies in its three arches. The metatarsal, lateral and median arches distribute half of the body weight forward, toward the ball of the foot, while the other half is distributed toward the calcaneus or heel.

If the tissues supporting the foot cannot maintain the arches, or an inherent deformation of the bones makes a normal arch impossible, then the foot flattens out, a condition known as pronation. Since the pronated feet are no longer supporting the body’s weight evenly, stress makes its way up the leg toward the spinal column, forcing spinal and postural misalignments. Over time this chronic misalignment causes not just foot pain, but also back pain and shoulder pain as your muscles strain to restore some kind of equilibrium.


Here at Orinda Chiropractic Center, we never simply assume that pain in one part of the body originates from that point. We may need to evaluate all of the weight-bearing components, including the feet, to find your pain’s true underlying source. If pronation or another foot problem is the cause of your pain, we can prescribe Foot Levelers orthotic footwear to provide the support your arches so desperately need. This in turn promotes proper alignment and weight distribution of the whole body. Problem solved!

Do you have flat feet? What kind of shoes do you wear?

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