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Welcome to Orinda chiropractic and Laser center in Orinda CA located conveniently in downtown Orinda. Since 1996, Dr. Kevin has been dedicated to delivering outstanding Chiropractic services that are individualized to the specific needs of each patient. Whether an infant, a child or an adult, he is focused on listening and then educating his patients so they understand their bodies.

Although the location of your pain is important, “X” rarely marks the spot and pain often fools us as to the other underlying issues. Identifying all of the body parts and systems that are associated with your pain is key to providing you lasting improvement. At Orinda Chiropractic, we are skilled at identifying and treating the cause of your pain efficiently and helping you to feel your very best.

Dr. Kevin grew up in Orinda graduating from Miramonte High School. For over 27 years, he has brought his passion, knowledge, and desire to be the best “Orinda Chiropractor” to his hometown. He chose to remain in the Lamorinda area to provide them access to effective Chiropractic services for people’s health care needs. After all this time, it is been gratifying to know that the response from Orinda and the surrounding communities has been extremely positive.

Dr. Kevin has remained on the cutting edge of the latest Chiropractic techniques and practice technologies as a continuing education instructor for over 27 years. He draws his patient base from much of the greater San Francisco Bay Area by offering Chiropractic care focused on the feet/ankles, shoulders, the spine, custom orthotics and Cold Laser Services.

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Orinda Chiropractic and Laser Center is located conveniently just off Highway 24 in downtown Orinda on Moraga Way. The office is a single-story, beige building that looks like a house. It is located next door to “Village Associates Realtors” and very close to Wells Fargo Bank. It is a 5-minute walk from the Orinda BART Station as well. Patients have a lot of choices these days for health care. Quite honestly, there are Chiropractors all over the place. After over 27 years of treating patients and teaching other Chiropractors, Dr. Kevin has seen a lot of patients with many types of ailments. Click the link to read Dr. Kevin’s YELP and Google reviews to see how he stands out from the crowd.

Orinda Chiropractic and Laser Center is a family-oriented place of healing and we help a lot of people. Dr. Kevin loves his patients and loves his job. Are you sick of being in pain? Would you like someone to explain what is going on in plain terms so you can understand? Want to get to the cause of your pain instead of just covering it up with medication or ignoring it? Are there things you can’t do anymore that you love?

We invite you to call us and talk to our friendly staff about becoming a patient in our office. We can talk to you about any questions you have regarding insurance, answer general questions and get you set up to talk to Dr. Kevin. If you are not sure and want to talk directly to Dr. Kevin, a phone consultation can be set up. We are so pleased you are considering our office for care and are excited to meet you. We promise to take great care of you and welcome you into our patient family.

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Meet Kevin M. Wong D.C.

Dr. Kevin M. Wong has been licensed Chiropractor for over 27 years serving the Lamorinda, and the greater East San Francisco Bay Area communities.

Dr. Kevin grew up in Orinda attending Glorietta Elementary School, Orinda Intermediate School and Miramonte High School. Upon graduating from Miramonte in 1989, he went to the University of California, Davis.

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Dr. Kevin is the best. I was having real trouble with my neck. I couldn't sleep and was suffering. I had been to urgent care and had to wait a couple of weeks for a doctor's appointment. Dr. Kevin fit me into his schedule immediately and within a single appointment I was feeling functional again. He is incredibly personable; he clearly cares about his patients, he always listens carefully, and I never feel like he is in a rush. He also has a holistic perspective. He has asked me about everything from my sleep setup to my desk to my shoes. He is incredibly knowledgeable and also participates regularly in educating other chiropractors. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Kevin and his staff!

Brooke H.

Dr. Kevin is very knowledgeable and personable. I appreciate the concern he shows for his patients and the way that he carefully listens to their concerns. His staff are very friendly, and the atmosphere of the practice is comfortable and cheerful. Together they have a way of making every office visit something to look forward to. If you have any aches and pains, I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Kevin chiropractic care!

Cassandra Y.

I am so relieved to find a Chiropractor that I feel safe with. I have been reticent to see a Chiropractor because the idea of adjustments makes me nervous. Dr. Wong put me at ease with his knowledge, positive attitude and ability to put me at ease. Now, my neck pain is gone! Thank you Dr. Wong

Lana F.

Dr. Kevin is excellent. He compassionately takes the time on every visit to learn about all my areas of pain and discomfort. Dr. Kevin has helped me get relief for neck/back pain, TMJ, and ankle and foot problems. I definitely recommend Dr. Kevin!

Jeff H.

Dr. Kevin is very patient and truly cares about the well-being of his patients. He has used techniques I had never been exposed to after many years of going to different chiropractors. His treatment has truly changed my life for the better and has improved my school performance! Thank you!! :)


Chiropractic Care For Feet, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain & More

The spine is the body’s foundation. A misalignment in the spine can seriously impact the central nervous system’s ability to send and receive messages between the body’s organs and the brain. A mechanical spine misalignment is at the root of many chronic pain conditions. A herniated disc or slipped disc, for example, may compress nearby nerves and trigger radiating or numbing pain sensations. Chiropractic adjustments bring proper alignment back to the spine, alleviating nerve compression for long-lasting pain relief.

Dr. Wong provides chiropractic care for feet, including Foot Levelers custom orthotics for foot problems. Pain relief starts at your feet! The joints and muscles of the body function most efficiently when they are in balance, and this balance starts with the feet.

Whenever we are standing or walking, our bodies are subjected to natural forces that may cause stress or strain on the body.

A foot imbalance can adversely affect the hips, pelvis, knees and spine – causing myriad health problems and recurring pain. The body is a biomechanical kinetic chain. Abnormal movements at one point in this chain can cause problems throughout. Foot levelers custom orthotics bring balance support the feet’s three arches, bringing balance back to the body for proper kinetic mechanics.

In addition to instrument adjustments, Dr. Wong offers a wide range of chiropractic services for drug-free, non-invasive pain relief. Dr. Wong is a certified Rock Tape professional and provides non-surgical back and neck pain relief. He also offers cold laser therapy, a cutting-edge approach to back pain and neck pain relief.

Whether you are suffering from a stiff neck or lower back pain, chiropractic care from our Orinda California chiropractor Dr. Wong can make a difference. Our whole body approach to wellness focuses on drug-free pain relief and non-invasive care that addresses the root cause for your pain, supporting whole body health from the inside out. Our chiropractic care services are beneficial for individuals of all ages.

Dr. Wong and our chiropractic team are experts when it comes to the back, neck and feet. From our state-of-the-art digital foot scanner to cutting edge cold laser therapy treatment, we put the latest technology to work for our patients.

Don’t let neck pain, foot problems and lower back pain slow you down. You’ve only got one spine: take great care of it! To learn more about how our chiropractic services support your body from the ground up, call (925) 254-4040.

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